Business owners don't always know where they make the most money.

Solution: Go beyond a profit & loss statement and design your financials around your core competencies so you can start making better decisions and begin focusing on your most valuable product or service.

We all get profit & loss statements, right? Let me ask you a question.

When you are sitting at your desk reviewing your profit/loss statement and you see that your monthly income is 35% under what you expected it to be, what do you do?

Jump up and go yell at your sales staff? Start running around and turning off lights? Have your staff start recycling paper?

There's no way you can fix it for the month that just passed and now you have to scramble to make up for that loss in the next month to stay on projections.

Worse. All you know is that your total revenues are down you have no clue if it's your service or product X, Y, or Z that's the culprit.

Let me ask you another question. Wouldn't you rather have seen that revenue loss coming and address it before it made it to your P&L so you could have taken a proactive approach to this problem?

I would!

FlashPoint!'s programs address this issue by providing a business owner basic tools that help them:

  1. Forecast the future
  2. Diagnose how growth is going to impact them down the road
  3. Provide critical information at their fingertips without having to wait on a 30-day old financial report

The New Profit Model Workshop can get you focused on knowing where you make the most money, knowing how to affect your gross margins, help you set up a profit plan that will help you make better business decisions every month. And we focus on the unique challenges for your specific stage of growth.

Business owners and managers are frustrated by the level of employee engagement and employee productivity.

Solution: By creating an on-going dialogue with each employee, the we/they barrier is removed, allowing a new level of productivity and profitability.

Sound too simple? Breaking down growth issues into manageable pieces is our strength. Since I've been in your shoes, I know how difficult and overwhelming it is to search for answers to your business issues. Our programs are designed to fit into what you are already doing to help make implementation easier. We aren't going to give you a new approach. We're simply going to fine-tune and improve the ones you already have in place.

Once we get managers to 'trust with expectation', the entire challenge of working with employees to increase their performance becomes much simpler.

By setting up weekly meetings where a manager and an employee begin to create a dialogue around company, professional and personal goals, productivity improves.

Communications drive performance. Managers have to know what they want before they can expect employees to deliver. By making sure there is an open-ended dialogue weekly to provide an atmosphere of trust through directed goals and expectations, issues don't get left to bubble beneath the surface, not getting addressed in a timely manner.

Read more about FlashPoint!'s workshop on Your People Are Your Business, a management development tool that will increase productivity and profitability. The value-added benefit behind all of FlashPoint!'s programs is they are geared to your specific challenges for your stage of growth.

Most businesses struggle to diagnose how growth is affecting their productivity and profitability, leaving business owners in reaction mode, dealing with one problem after another.

Solution: Identify your stage of growth in order to focus on the right things at the right time, predict how growth will impact you and adapt your leadership style based on what your company needs today and in the future.

National research conducted over the past nine years points to amazing findings about your company and its stage of growth.

Over the past seven years, Origin Institute, out of Boulder, Colorado has been researching and interfacing with over 700 enterprise CEOs who have been participating in a unique national study on how small organizations move through the challenges of survival and growth.

As one of only two licensed Growth Curve Specialists from Origin Institute's unique stages of growth training, Laurie Taylor brings her hands on experience of running a successful company, combined with this hard-hitting research and delivers a one-day workshop that will change how you think about your company.

Creating The Stages of Growth X-Ray was fun and I know it will resonate with you because it gets to the heart of what business owners are trying to accomplish.

Each stage of growth has unique, demanding rules that are required of leadership in order to 'gracefully' proceed through the bumps and challenges inherent in the journey to the next stage of growth.

Leadership teams intent on producing healthy, high performance and sustainable organizations are challenges to abide by these 'rules of the road' or pay the consequences in unacceptable performance, ineffective planning, weak morale and the inability of leadership to deal with chaotic situations.