If your answer is yes, I can provide you with a powerful program that can increase your business income by up to $100,000 in 12 months.


Dear Potential Growth Curve Specialist:

I’m Laurie Taylor, President of FlashPoint! For years I’ve been working with an incredible business growth methodology that helps CEOs, with fewer than 500 employees, understand and manage the dynamics of growth.

Now the growth concept that has helped hundreds of CEOs effectively manage the growth of their businesses is available to you.

My Growth Curve Specialist Training Program is designed for business consultants, executive coaches and peer advisory facilitators who already work with CEOs and who understand the challenges a CEO faces in growing their business.

I’m not saying this lightly: Once you become a certified Growth Curve Specialist and understand the concepts behind these two revenue-producing programs, you will have the ability to increase your business income by up to $100,000 in 12 months.

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Want to know if the Stages of Growth concepts work?

If you are looking for a program that will help your customers experience the benefits of the 7 Stages of Growth, call me today and let's talk!

A Growth Curve Specialist Speaks Out ...

“I’ve been a speaker, trainer and leadership consultant for over 10 years. Last May, I became a certified Growth Curve Specialist after having heard Laurie speak about the 7 Stages of Growth. The concept was intriguing for me because I was looking for a way to differentiate myself in a very crowded market. After going through the 3-day training program and being a part of Laurie’s ongoing training teleseminars every other week, I became a firm believer in the power of this model.

I introduced an existing client to the Stages of Growth X-Ray program and the Leadership Advantage Development program. From the XRay, the CEO started to look at his company in an entirely different perspective. The ability to drill down into the company’s challenges based on their stage of growth was incredibly insightful.

The changes this CEO has made in just 3 months have helped him to realign priorities and improve how the company is run. The Leadership Advantage Development Program changed fundamentally how that CEO looked at his ability to take his company to the next stage of growth.

I am thrilled with the level of credibility this program gives me when I’m speaking to a CEO. The information is so spot-on that the programs, once explained, sell themselves.

To be able to narrow a CEOs focus to their current stage of growth has made all the difference in the world in how I work with my clients. I am delighted I took Laurie’s training program and my income was substantially improved for 2008 since I added this program to my business.”

Sue Hansen, Sue Hansen Speaks