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I think I was a fairly typical business owner. We were literally drowning in our own success. Our company was growing at 60% revenue increase year after year, we were landing new clients and adding people as fast as we could.

Hello. I'm Laurie Taylor, President of FlashPoint! I'm committed to helping business owners with fewer than 500 employees navigate their way to sustainable profits, engaged employees and manageable growth.

Find out how you can predict how the addition of even ONE new employee can impact your ability to sustain profitability...

I took a company from 2 to over 100 employees and am passionate about helping other business owners learn from my experience and an incredible research tool called the 7 Stages of Growth enterprise development model.

My success was exciting but it was also creating a lot of challenges. Challenges we couldn't address because we couldn't put our finger on any specific problem. The symptoms raised their head every day:

  • We felt out of control.
  • It was harder and harder to keep up with our infrastructure.
  • We were working too many hours.
  • Our employees were asking 'when are we going to slow down?
  • We kept reinventing how work got done.
  • Our systems were outdated and we didn't have time to stop and update them.
  • We had high staff turnover.
  • We made poor decisions.
  • Communications broke down no matter how hard we worked to stay in touch with staff.
  • It became harder and harder to maintain quality service.
  • Profits declined even though revenues were strong.

Uncover the secret to growth based on a simple ratio that measures the Confidence vs the Caution that exists in your company today...

An Introduction to The 7 Stages of Enterprise Growth will forever change your perspective on how you think about and see your company. This 55-minute journey through the 7 Stages of Growth will:

  • Immediately identify your stage of growth and determine how many managers you should have - a ratio of managers to employees that will help you keep your overhead in line and productivity high.
  • Immediately recognize how many 'builders' you have in your company - people who create new ideas, take on new initiatives, find ways to expand your profitability - builders love to take risks and are highly supportive of growth. Builders grow companies.
  • Immediately recognize how many 'protectors' you have in your company - protectors are people who are cautious and prefer to slow down the pace of change - they are risk adverse and highly suspicious of growth. Protectors are necessary to 'protect your company.
  • Immediately recognize the critical aspects of your stage of growth - whether it's knowing when your company moves from CEO-centric to enterprise-centric or knowing when to hire professional managers - you begin to know what you didn't know.

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Learn how to take the risk out of growing a company based on research from over 650 CEOs ...

In 1998, with revenues over $7 million and 70 employees on board, I was approached by James Fischer, a growth expert who was conducting research on fast-growing companies. James asked to meet with me and run some theories by me that he had been developing in his research studies for the past 5 years.

I remember sitting across from James in my office and hearing him, in 15 minutes, tell me more about my company than I knew. And I wasnt happy about it. I had been running this operation 12 years, and in a short conversation, James was able to highlight for me our biggest challenges, our biggest leadership issues, outline how staff performance was being mitigated by lack of clarity in roles and unravel our profit design, highlighting with amazing accuracy the fact that we really didn't know where we made money.

Don't get caught up in the belief that you have to 'figure it out as you go' ...

The 7 Stages of Growth enterprise model is based on managing the complexity of an organization based on the number of people it has and understanding that there is a natural growth curve a company moves along. How well a CEO navigates this growth curve determines any number of success factors for his or her company.

Understand the critical dynamic that occurs as you move your company along it's unique growth curve that keeps your company balanced between chaos and equilibrium...

Once a CEO begins to see that their company is an ever-expanding complex living organism moving through very specific stages of growth, they have a chance at better understanding their challenges. A context for this concept lies in my belief that a company is a living, intelligent entity, not a machine for someone to control and manipulate.

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Increase the level of predictability in your business...

A company, like any other living organism, has natural stages it must go through. You can't skip or speed through any of these stages without facing the consequences. And you can begin to fully appreciate the challenges of your company's current stage of growth by listening to The 7 Stages of Enterprise Growth and even more important ...

You can LOOK AHEAD and see what you need to know about your next stage of growth!

I haven't found anyone else who can provide a business owner with the ability to look ahead and forecast the impact that will hit them as they add more people, profits and processes to their growing enterprise.

Are you ready to discover the hidden forces influencing and shaping the health and financial performance of your company?

Then take the time right now to get a glimpse into the future of your company.

What will you learn by listening to The 7 Stages of Growth that you don't already know?

  1. What the 7 Stages of Growth are and why it's the most unique business model out there today
  2. Where the 'constrictions' are occurring in your company, how to identify and release them
  3. Where the 'circulation' is happening in your company and how to maintain it and improve upon it
  4. What the Three Gates of Focus are and why they shift depending upon how many people you have
  5. What a Flood Zone is and why it can create undue anxiety throughout your company
  6. How you can determine how fast you want to move through these stages of growth and avoid the accepted belief held today that you have no control over the speed of your company's growth
  7. Why creating a 'language of growth' can immediately engage your staff at a level they can understand

Remember, you aren't going to hear this information anywhere else.

This isn't information that's repackaged from ideas and concepts that have been around for years. This is business knowledge gained through years of research, talking and learning from over 650 business owners and CEOs, in all industries.

No sustainable growth of any consequence occurs without two things consistently happening at the top of the enterprise. They are:

  1. A persistent open-minded inquiry
  2. A willingness to fundamentally think differently about the business

Get curious. Get wired into a growth concept that is the most effective tool business owners have today to grow their companies with intention.

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