Cracking the Code to Your Company's Growth

Successful growth companies are companies that continue to grow amidst the powerfully chaotic forces of expansion and change.

They are also extremely hard to manage.

In this lively presentation, Cracking the Code to Your Company's Growth, Laurie Taylor, President of FlashPoint!, applies a unique growth model, the 7 Stages of Growth, to her own experiences as a successful entrepreneur.

If you are looking for a speaker who can relate to the challenges of growing a successful business, Laurie brings that experience and her authentic approach to engaging a room to every group she addresses.

As President of a growing enterprise, starting with 2 employees and growing it to over 100 employees and $12 million, Laurie struggled with the challenges of growth. Every day brought a new hurdle, whether it was negotiating a multimillion dollar deal, dealing with the human issues of staff dynamics or her own leadership challenges, Laurie navigated a growth curve that at times brought huge rewards and other times, extreme downturns.

Throughout her 14 years of running a growing enterprise, Laurie always believed in the humanness of leadership and in the pivotal balance between exceptional customer service and profitability.

In her presentation, Cracking the Code to Your Company's Growth,

Laurie introduces the audience to the 7 Stages of Growth, the rosetta stone that she implemented when her company went through the dotcom blowup of March 2000. On the brink of bankruptcy, Laurie stumbled onto the stages of growth concept which allowed her to suddenly start SEEING and THINKING about her company differently.

Laurie is a small business growth expert and takes her dynamic presentations to audiences made up of business owners who are looking to understand:

  1. Where they make the most money
  2. How to engage their employees to help reach company goals
  3. The impact growth is having on their enterprise

Laurie delivers a powerful, interactive keynote or breakout session that is sure to keep audiences engaged through the use of personal assessment tools, interactive exercises and personal experiences designed to emphasize critical points based on running her own company.

Considering the challenges in growing a company, business leaders don’t need theories or concepts about how to run a business. What they need is the unvarnished truth and specific methods and solutions that deliver results. In this lively presentation the audience will walk away:


  • Identifying their past, current and future stage of growth and how to adjust to the challenges of each

  • Identifying hidden influences that are hindering or advancing a company’s performance

  • Understanding what unique competencies are being required of a leader based on their current stage of growth

  • Recognizing how a leadership style impacts a leader's ability to connect to their employees

  • Learning a language of growth that will engage staff in tackling growth issues

  • Recognizing critical transition zones, a Wind Tunnel or a Flood Zone and how to prepare for each one

A recent research study identified 7 stages of growth that enterprises move through based on the level of complexity and that complexity is created by people. This growth model identifies stages of business growth through the number of people in an organization and provides a business owner insight on how the leader must adapt and adjust their focus based on their current stage of growth.

During Laurie's presentation, she will tap into her own experience of running a $12 million enterprise with over 100 employees and share the lessons she learned during the good times and bad. Laurie has over 25 years of management experience and is passionate about helping business owners succeed.

Book Laurie today. Give your audiences an experience they can turn into solid business improvement!