Navigating the Growth Curve
by James Fischer

If you’re looking for a business novel on par with Who Moved My Cheese?, then look no further than James Fischer’s Navigating the Growth Curve: 9 Fundamentals that Build a Profit-Driven, People-Centered, Growth-Smart Company.

Interwoven with the story of Peter Logan is phenomenal wealth of knowledge. With this book, you will discover:

  • The 4 most important factors businesses must learn from . . . nature!
  • 9 Fundamentals that will guide you through the Growth Curve.
  • The 9 natural laws of business growth.
  • The 12 components of profit design that every business should know to be successful.
  • What a core business, adjacent business and an edge business means about your company.
  • The 5 tiers of staff satisfaction every business better know to keep their employees happy.
  • The formula for developing a working mechanism that will shape and focus the individual, the group and the organizational profit behavior of an enterprise.
  • The 10 hidden agents working inside your company that could cripple it if you don’t know how to stop them.

Plus, there’s so much more in this 341-page masterpiece of business information. Fischer’s ability to weave classic story-telling together with powerful, business-saving information makes this book worth every penny. Navigating the Growth Curve can be done successfully. Why not be entertained as well?

The story follows Peter Logan, a business wizard with the reputation of turning around young companies and selling them in record time.

While things look great for Peter as he cruises through the business world, things change, and he ends up unceremoniously fired. Then, he finds out his brother died of an apparent heart attack.

Taking charge of his brother’s business proves to be more difficult than he thought, but he finds a mentor in an unlikely place. It’s from this mentor that Peter gets the most enlightening piece of information he’s ever heard: “It isn’t the stress that’s killing you. It’s your unwillingness to change.”

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Navigating the Growth Curve:
9 Fundamentals that Build a Profit-Driven, People-Centered, Growth-Smart Company

by James Fischer

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