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Zeroing in On Your Company's Profit Zone -- a one and a half day program that will flip your perspective, and your manager's perspective, about how your company makes and keeps money.

Statistically, less than 10% of a company’s staff understands how the enterprise actually makes and keeps money. Most employees are shocked at how little a company actually makes.

How would you answer the following questions?

Are you profitable?

Do you believe that the number one job of any CEO is to make a profit?

Do your employees know how their job impacts the company's bottom line every day?

Do you managers know how to read a profit & loss statement?

Are you fanatic about managing your cash?

Are you aware of all your customers and their needs?

Do you know how to impact your gross profit?

I'm Laurie Taylor, President of FlashPoint! I was not a Harvard Business School graduate. My background, a degree in Parks and Recreation and a Masters in Public Administration, did not prepare me for the challenges of running my own business.

I was responsible for a $12M company and almost lost it because I didn't know what I didn't know.

That sense of helplessness has made me passionate about helping other business owners navigate the growth curve of their company.

I Learned the Hard Way

In 1987 I joined my partner, Sherri, and together we grew a company from 2 to over 100 employees. Along the way, we learned every business lesson the hard way.

In March, 2000, the dotcom blow up hit and all of our clients were high tech, telecommunications and dotcoms -- we almost lost the company.

Only through sheer tenacity, a laser-like focus on driving revenue and educating every single employee on how we made and kept money, were we able to bring the company around.

Getting Focused; Getting Real

It's that experience that has led me to create this day and a half training program, Zeroing in On Your Company's Profit Zone, a program that identifies the 9 activities that impact a company's ability to maintain profitability.

As I mentioned. I understood how to read a profit and loss statement. Here's the rub. A typical financial statement only provides you a BACKWARDS glance at what happened 30 days ago.

The damage has already occurred! It's crucial that you create HEADLIGHTS into the future so you are prepared to make adjustments before something happens, instead of scrambling to correct a mistake.

Creating a Profitable Company Isn't A One Dimensional Activity -- Nor Is It Just the CEOs Responsibility

Zeroing in on Your Company’s Profit Zone challenges a CEO to engage every single person in his/her company to understand how each job impacts a company’s bottom line.

This unique approach allows a CEO to decide how much financial information or how little financial information he/she want to share with their employees.

In Zeroing in on Your Company’s Profit Zone, financial literacy is the goal and improving profitability is the outcome ....

There are 9 activities that impact a company’s Profit Zone.

  1. Revenue generation
  2. Strategic and tactical focus
  3. Gross and net profit margins
  4. Cash flow
  5. Cost structure
  6. Customer satisfaction
  7. Staff voltage
  8. Product/service quality
  9. Company innovation

A company’s Profit Zone is the relentless, precise and intense mindset to make and keep money for the enterprise.  

If a company is zeroing in on their Profit Zone, they are assuring that every employee knows how his or her job responsibilities impact a company’s ability to make money.

A company’s very survival depends upon understanding and zeroing in on this strike zone, the profit sweet spot.

In this day and a half workshop, I engage a CEO and his/her management team in a concensus-driven exercise to uncover how well the company is doing in zeroing in on their profit zone.

A twenty-seven question assessment drills down into detail on how well the company perceives it’s effectiveness in the 9 profit-building areas of focus.

Discussion and dialogue driven by how each person answers the questions, lead to critical initiatives that identify a company’s strengths and highlights areas that need attention.

Throughout this workshop, critical financial concepts are discussed. Concepts that include:

  • The purpose behind running a business – improving profits and reducing costs
  • How the company defines profit, identifies profit and creates profit
  • Financial analysis tools such as the Profit & Loss statement, budgets and cash flow management
  • How employees' time impacts profit
  • How efficiencies impact profit
  • How performance impacts profit

A CEO is in complete control over how much financial information they share with employees.

By starting with small, intentional steps to simply educate the management team on how the company makes and keeps money, the CEO is starting to create a culture of financial literacy.

The ultimate goal of Zeroing in on Your Company’s Profit Zone is to create confidence and supply the tools the management team needs to begin educating their staff on how jobs throughout the company impact the bottom line.

The ability of the CEO to empower the management team to look at the 9 activities of the company’s profit zone will create a benchmark of profitability.

Returning 6 months later to re-engage the management team on the 27-question assessment will solidify the progress made in an objective, visual manner that can be shared by the entire company.

This program will be effective with any size company, small, with one or two employees all the way up to corporations with thousands of employees who are looking to help their managers find ways to motivate employees to help improve profits and reduce costs.

Critical Concepts taught during this dynamic program include:

How to set up a profit plan to help you make solid business decisions

How to teach financial literacy to each employee on a level they will understand and won't leave a CEO uncomfortable

How to identify your Core, Adjacent and Edge businesses in order to spend your limited resources effectively
How to teach your staff the difference between Making Money and Keeping Money in order to engage them in the process
How to educate each person in your company on how they impact profitability on a daily basis
How to cement your relationship with your customers to keep them from looking elsewhere

In Zeroing in on Your Company's Profit Zone training program, we explore all aspects of profitability, not just the financial aspects. If you are the only person in your company that understands the dynamics of making and keeping money, your company will not reach its potential.

  • Do you know what your key indicators of success are?

  • Do you track these indicators daily?

  • Does your staff know what creates a profit path?

  • Do you communicate your success indicators in order to tap into the intelligence of your organization?


Running a business is hard work. As a small business growth specialist, I am committed to helping businesses not only survive but thrive.

This program, Zeroing in on Your Company's Profit Zone, is designed to kick-start your profit engine and explore how to improve your bottom line.

The purpose is to provide the most comprehensive encounter with your company's profit structure available today.

If I knew then what I know now, the chances of weathering the dotcom explosion would have improved dramatically. The challenges of running a company in good times pale in comparison with running a company in bad times.

I've been through both and believe that taking a fresh look at profitability is in every business owner's best interest.

By laying a solid foundation based on an in-depth review of all aspects of how your company makes and keeps money may mean the difference between just getting by and staying in business.

At the end of this dynamic process, a business owner will:

Uncover their leadership team's perspectives on how they see the company's strengths and weaknesses which is a critical aspect to promote staff buy-in

Explore the 9 activities of your company's unique Profit Zone and identify the top 6 - 8 initiatives that will improve your bottom line

Establish clear and objective overall goals for the company focused on the right areas of concern

Educate the staff on how they impact profitability


Interested in exploring your company's profit engine?

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