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Your People Are Your Business


"How do I get my staff to have the same sense of urgency, the same passion that I do about my business?"

That question comes up often in discussions with CEOs. The short answer is:

You don't.

The reality is this. As an owner of a business you live in a different world than your employees. Your world looks like this:

You get up in the morning and decide exactly when you are going to get into work.

You decide every day what you are going to do and how you are going to do it.

You leave for lunch when you want. Come back when

you feel like it.

You make as much money as you deem necessary.

You don't worry about every single word that comes out of your mouth when talking to your staff.

Now, I realize that some of you reading this are accountable to boards, investors, maybe a partner. So at some level, you lack some control.

But in an employee's world, they don't have any control.

Their world looks more like this:

They come and go based on someone else's guidelines.

They have to do what they are told to do every day when they come to work.

They have no control over how much money they make.

If they encounter you during the day, they panic about what to say and how to say it.

Again, I realize that in some companies, employees have a very relaxed environment, have some say about their workload and may not be intimidated with their boss at all.

However, the majority of employees live day-to-day worrying about their job, worrying about their pay, worrying about getting along with other employees, and they obsess about what you think of them.

It Doesn't Have to Be This Way

I am consistently amazed at the struggle that goes on in companies between Managers and Employees.

The problem I have is simply this:

I think we make it much harder than it has to be. The IT in that statement is you getting along with your employees and employees getting along with their bosses.

You heard me. I think we make it much harder than it has to be.

In my training program, Your People Are Your Business, I help owners break down the barrier that exists between managers and employees.

I take a business owner and their management team through four fundamental processes designed to:

  1. Rewire a manager's mindset about what they are suppose to do.
  2. Provide a manager with three simple questions that are guaranteed to start a dialogue with each direct report.
  3. Improve the communications between a manager and their staff.
  4. Educate a business owner and their management team on how to encourage buy-in from staff.

Each of these processes are guaranteed to connect managers with their direct reports at a level that:

  • Breaks down barriers

  • Encourages relationships

  • Improves the culture of the organization

Does this sound familiar?

You call into work on Monday morning. You ask for Kelly. Kelly, you are told is out sick. Kelly is out sick a lot. In fact, you are sick of Kelly being sick and you're going to talk to Kelly about it when he gets back from being sick. In your opinion, Kelly seems to take advantage of your generosity, doesn't he know you are trying to run a company and it costs you a lot of money in sick leave as well as lost time on the account when he is sick so often?

When you get to work on that Monday, you are in a bad mood. As soon as you walk into the office you go right to your office and shut the door. You take out the financials and go over revenues for that month, which are down and you call in your assistant to set up a staff meeting for Tuesday morning. You ask yourself: Why am I the only one that cares about whether or not we make any money around here?


What if, when you found out that Kelly was out sick, you followed a different line of reasoning that sounded more like this:

Kelly is a good worker but he is out sick alot. I wonder if he is satisfied with his job? I wonder what's going on?

Sick, non-productive, difficult-to-get-along with employees didn't start out that way. When you hired them, they were anxious to do a great job, anxious to show you what they were capable of, willing to work hard, get the job done and make more money based on their ability and experience.

Maybe, in the situation above, Kelly had gone as far as he could trying to communicate with you.

Maybe, Kelly received only directives from you consistently, day in and day out, with no room for conversation because you were always too busy.

Maybe Kelly started questioning his own value and decided months ago he would look for another job and move on.

Maybe his 'sick days' are job interviews, hoping to find a place he would feel valued, appreciated and enjoy coming to work.

The DISCONNECT between managers and their direct reports is catastrophic for business productivity. When managers and employees don't get along, the business suffers.

In 'Your People Are Your Business' we get down to the nitty gritty as it impacts:

  • Your philosphy about people and how it manifests itself in your company

  • Your ability to engage people on a human level that encourages buy-in

  • Your willingness as a manager to consider other options in how to treat your people

If you want your company to:

  • Make more money

  • Keep talented and capable people

  • Grow with intention

  • Smother your competitors

Your People Are Your Business is a program that will start you down the path to sustaining a vital, healthy organization that meets and/or exceeds your expectations.

Don't waste any more time WISHING things were different.

Pick up the phone or email me and let's start you down a path that gets you ENJOYING your people and gets your people LOVING their work.

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