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If you can figure out the answers to these three questions regarding your own business, you don't need me.

I'm Laurie Taylor, President of FlashPoint!, a business growth specialist. I provide solutions to help you grow and manage your growing business.

Business owners face huge challenges every day trying to manage all the pieces and parts of their business. I know those challenges. I took a marketing communications business from 2 employees up to 104 employees, up to $12 million in sales. Our clients were start ups, mid-sized and Fortune 500 technology companies. We faced the dotcom blowup of March 2000 and had to layoff over 30 staff to avoid bankruptcy. During the period between March 2000 and July 2001, I had to face up to some serious realities that contributed to our inability to see what was coming. Three of those realities were:

            1. We didn't know where we made the most money
            2. We didn't have a way to diagnose how growth would impact us
            3. We hadn't figured out how to engage our employees at a level where they understood their contribution to our bottom line

By July 2001, we were at breakeven. We didn't lose the company. And the lessons I walked away with drove me to start helping other business owners lay a foundation for growth that would survive good times and bad.

In many cases, growing a business is the easy part. The problem begins with knowing how to 'manage' that growth. As a business growth specialist, I talk to business owners every day who aren't necessarily struggling with getting business, or finding clients, or selling their product - their challenges begin with issues such as:

  • When do I hire my first employee?
  • How do I figure out when to hire my first manager?
  • Should I continue to use independent contractors or hire employees?
  • How do I find time to manage my employees when I'm managing sales and the operations?
  • Why does it feel like I'm babysitting my staff; why can't they step up and just do their job?
  • Why can't I make more money?
  • Where do I find the right people?

If you have struggled with any of these issues, you have come to the right place. I have struggled with all of these questions myself and now I am helping business owners, with fewer than 500 employees, find answers to these questions and many more.

Three Business Growth Issues You Can't Afford to Ignore

Business owners don't always know where they make the most money.

Business owners and managers are continually frustrated by the level of employee engagement and employee productivity.

Most businesses struggle to diagnose how growth is affecting their productivity and profitability, leaving business owners in reaction mode, dealing with one problem after another.

Learn more about the Three Business Growth Issues you can't afford to ignore.