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As a company grows, the complexity increases. That complexity is due to the addition of people.


Do any of these challenges sound familiar?

Why do your employees struggle with change?

Answer: Companies struggle with forecasting problems before they surface, leaving your employees reacting to problems instead of being proactive. CEOs thrive on problem solving and love the thrill of landing new accounts. Your employees struggle to see the value in growth and continually wish for things to slow down. Help them understand the challenges for where the company is in its stage of growth. Help them understand that the issues facing them today are typical and even more important, once those issues are identified, they can be fixed.

Why do your strategic plans never get implemented?

Answer: There are everyday problems your employees have to deal with. They don’t live in your world. Your world is full of confidence and vision about what the company can achieve. Your employees have to constantly balance deadlines with getting information or parts on time. They constantly have to decide which crisis to chase today. They have to learn how to work with people of different personalities and different perspectives. How can they think about the bigger picture when they can’t manage the myriad of challenges that face them every day? You need to help them find ways to uncover those issues, recognize the root cause and work as a team to solve them. Only then can your employees get excited about the future of the company.

Why, when you focus on profit you still aren’t getting the traction you need to grow?

Answer: There are three gates of focus that capture every issue a company will experience: The Profit/Revenue Gate, the People Gate and the Process Gate. All three gates are critical and certainly a company has to have profit to grow. However, depending upon where you are in your growth curve, focusing on profits can actually harm your organization. When you are at a stage of growth that demands the CEO start letting go in order to let the company grow, not focusing on the People Gate will add to your headaches. Being aware of when to focus on these gates of focus is the first step in getting the traction you need to grow intentionally.

Why do certain processes you implemented recently no longer work?

Answer: There are critical transition zones a company moves through as it grows. Understanding these zones prepare you for the next stage of growth. These transition zones tell you 1) when the activity level in your company is causing burn-out and frustration among your employees (Flood Zone) and 2) when the methodologies you have today are no longer effective and you have to add new ones (Wind Tunnel). By understanding a Flood Zone and a Wind Tunnel, you are putting words to those challenges and taking the mystery out of growing a company.

Why do you seem to continually chase the same problems?

Answer: As a company grows and moves through different stages of growth, one of the rules states, “what you don’t get done in any stage of growth doesn’t go away.” Without the benefit of understanding what is required of you at each stage of growth, you are destined to relive the challenges you didn’t address when you were smaller. Growth can hide many issues. When things are going well, customers are knocking on your door, employees are engaged, it’s easy to ignore the challenges that are lying just under the surface. Challenges such as 1) hiring quality people, 2) unclear values throughout the organization, 3) too slow getting products/services to market. Tuning into the challenges specific to your stage of growth provides you the traction you need to focus on the right things at the right time.

Hi, I’m Laurie Taylor, Founder and president of FlashPoint!

Look. I’ve been in your shoes. With no business experience, my business partner and I took an idea (and a need to put food on our table) and turned that idea into a successful marketing communications company, growing that company to $12 million and over 100 employees. I wasn’t taught how to run a company. Most of us aren’t.

I was fortunate to have learned about an amazing business model called the 7 Stages of Growth. James Fischer, a business consultant, conducted a research study of over 650 successfully growing companies to better understand the dynamics of small to mid-size businesses. The research identified that as a company grew, the complexity increased. That complexity is created by the addition of people.

That research study identified 7 distinct stages of growth a company will move through, starting with 1 – 10 employees in Stage 1 up to Stage 7 with 161 – 500 employees.

I quickly learned that we were a Stage 6 company by the numbers, acting like a Stage 4 company.
We hadn’t taken care of some critical issues in an earlier stage of growth. That clarity helped us gain the traction we needed to grow.

Laurie Taylor

Today, my company FlashPoint! is focused on bringing this amazing entrepreneurial business model to as many companies as possible.

Why? It works!

And it’s the ONLY predictive growth model in the marketplace.

Let me ask you. Have you experienced any of these challenges?

  • Do you feel you need to have better staff buy-in?
  • Do you have difficulty forecasting problem areas before they surface?
  • Do you struggle to quickly get systems and procedures in place as the company grows?
  • Do your employees understand how the company will grow in the future?
  • Is there a growing leadership/staff communication gap?

CEOs find solutions to these questions once they understand the power of understanding the 7 Stages of Growth. They realize they don’t have to ‘figure it out as they go.’

I encourage you to explore our website, as well as my book series on each of the 7 Stages of Growth, to learn more about your current stage of growth.

The reality is simply this:

There is a model that can help you understand why certain things are happening today, what you didn’t get done in an earlier stage of growth that is holding you back, and how by looking ahead at the next stage of growth, you can start planning today and stay ahead of your growth curve.

Business advisors, certified through FlashPoint! continue to help business owners uncover the root cause of their challenges and get focused on the right things at the right time.

“As a CEO who has been at the helm since Stage 1, (today a Stage 7 company) understanding and awareness are the keys to success for a growing business and expanding leadership team. I have found that pushing the leadership team, including myself, to visit and review the 7 Stages of Growth on a consistent basis keeps us in alignment. I have never encountered a more valuable tool in terms of concisely summarizing the needs of an organization as it grows.”

James Murphy

CEO, Willmeng Construction, Inc.

7 Stages of Growth:

Navigate Your Own Growth Curve

Uncover your challenges for your Stage of Growth.

CLICK on the number of employees you currently have in your company in the image shown to the right.

7 Stages of Growth Chart

Research Proven

Fischer’s research of over 650 successfully running companies has been supported and continually validated by Ms. Taylor and her cadre of certified Growth Curve Specialists since 2009. Over 2500 organizations, profit and nonprofit, in dozens of industries, have experienced the power of this predictive model and the concepts have been embraced in the United States, Mexico, Australia, Ireland, Malaysia, Indonesia, Central America, Canada, Taiwan and Germany.

“One of the biggest issues I struggle with as the CEO of a growing company is the unknown and having to make timely decisions with only 80-90% of the data available. One of the biggest attractions to the Stages of Growth X-Ray program is it helped my leadership team move from ‘wondering’ what to do next to ‘taking action’ through a detailed initiative plan built with confidence and organizational buy-in. This program allows a CEO to stop guessing at what he/she should be focused on and helps them identify exactly what to focus on. That’s a huge advantage to any organization.”

Jeff Debus

CEO, Beckwood Press

By understanding your stage of growth, based on the number of employees, you are able to take the mystery out of why certain issues are happening today.

Don’t Settle For Less

Optimize Your Business Goals and Objectives

“The Stages of Growth X-Ray™ is putting us in a place that enables us to grow in a healthy way, as we move forward. The process has been exceptionally helpful to get us organized. As a small business, we just run all the time and we don’t always take the time to do things properly. We put out fires every day. Most of those fires are generated by the important things we should have done along the way that we overlooked or ignored because there wasn’t time. By doing a SOG X-Ray you learn what you’ve missed. You can be more proactive about being more prepared.
Why should someone invest in this work? Well, you can’t just say that if we do this work, it will generate X additional dollars. You have to understand it’s a long-term investment that will make your business easier to run and will make the owner’s life much easier.”

Abe Funk

John's Pharmacy

Research-proven methodology will help business owners:


PREDICT how growth will impact your organization

ADAPT your leadership skills to the needs of your organization as it grows

FOCUS on the right things at the right time

As a company grows, the complexity increases. That complexity is based on the addition of people.

Laurie Taylor, founder of FlashPoint! worked with James Fischer, the researcher who uncovered the concept of the 7 Stages of Growth, and she has brought these unique concepts to hundreds of business owners all over the world.

The 7 Stages of  Entrepreneurial Growth provides business owners, with 1 – 500 employees a crystal ball into turning a good business into a great business.

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