Stages of Growth X-Ray™

Alignment. Engagement. Implementation.

Those are the outcomes after a CEO and his/her management team go through FlashPoint!’s Stages of Growth X-Ray.

In this two-day workshop, you’ll uncover the Hidden Agents creating obstacles to your company’s growth.

What’s a Hidden Agent?

  • It could be a lack of intentional communications. Poor communications can lead to disengaged employees which can lead to a decline in productivity.
  • It could be the company isn’t tracking critical indicators or maybe not tracking the right ones. A lack of critical information can undermine profitability — leaking slowly through the cracks in your business.
  • It could be an organizational structure that is out of sync with where the company is going. Not understanding what positions are needed to grow a business will erode performance.

“Our employees are loyal and have been with us 30 years. The Stages of Growth X-Ray™ had an immediate impact on our company. We are having different conversations. Employees have ownership of their departments. We talk about our obstacles to growth and how to address them monthly. Employees are now focused on where the company makes money and they are constantly looking at areas where we can improve profitability. People are stepping up and protecting our profit. They are totally engaged. Understanding the 7 Stages of Growth has every single person, including myself, looking at the company differently.”

Kitty Evans

President, Evco Industries

Supercharge Your Company’s Immune System!

Having a CEO and his/her management team participate in this powerful experience will help supercharge a company’s immune system and improve management’s ability to:

  • Recognize and address the subtle causes of organizational trauma before it takes hold in your company
  • Create confidence in the management team that will have a rippling effect throughout the entire organization
  • Improve executive decision making by revealing the faulty assumptions that many management teams have about enterprise behavior


My name is Laurie Taylor and my company, FlashPoint! was created to help the small business owner, like you, identify the critical hidden agents that are stopping your company from reaching its potential.

“The X-Ray workshop was extremely well received. Really hit a home run for the CEO and the team, as it opened a lot of eyes regarding the severity of their problems. Great amount of dialogue. And even more excitement when we identified the solutions to those problems and how we were going to address each one.”

Harry Gilligan, Growth Curve Specialist

President, Breakthrough Business Advisors Inc.


Recent growth research proved three things …


Companies like yours ……

Must reduce the uncertainty that is inherent to growing and managing a company.


Companies like yours ……

Must reduce the chaos that scatters a company’s focus and its ability to drive to its goals. And


Companies like yours ……

Must reduce the barriers blocking growth that are being created by the methods and practices that don’t work anymore.



“I’ve owned businesses for 50 years and currently employ more than 1000 employees and I had no idea that a strategist, trained in this process, could help us in this way.

Frankly, our first experience with Anisa Aven and Rodger Blaker of TurnKey Coaching Solutions and the Stages of Growth X-Ray program was like a dream come true for me. The team’s revelations were just incredible to hear, for instance, “One of the best things we have ever done as a team,” and “I feel energized and hopeful now!” I’m very excited about our direction and we’ll be doing more of these!”

Tom Brundage

Founder and CEO, with multiple holdings in the financial services, storage facilities, and real estate management industries


Focus on the Right Things at the Right Time


By understanding the complexity level of your company, you can FOCUS on:

  1. The right people issues
  2. the right revenue and profit initiatives and
  3. the right business processes

And when you understand the critical balance that exists in the psyche of every company that hinges on how much confidence or how much caution exists inside your company, you’ll discover the hidden secrets of how to ADAPT your unique skills to maximize and leverage your positive impact on the enterprise.

I have been in your shoes……

I have dealt with tight cash flow, struggled to get products to market, managed employees through good times and bad – I’ve been burnt out and frustrated with all the challenges that come with running a small business.

I appreciate the challenges you are facing in running your business. I’ve not only worked with other CEOs and their businesses but have also grown my own successful multimillion dollar enterprise.

I have watched my client’s revenues climb, their customer satisfaction grow and I’ve witnessed the times when they reaped the profits that allowed them to achieve their goals and live the lifestyle they aspired to.

FlashPoint!’s Stages of Growth X-Ray utilizes an enterprise development model known as the 7 Stages of Growth — this unique, one-of-a-kind approach to growing a business gives you the tools, methods and methodology you need to successfully grow your company.

“The Stages of Growth X-Ray™ is putting us in a place that enables us to grow in a healthy way, as we move forward. The process has been exceptionally helpful to get us organized. As a small business, we just run all the time and we don’t always take the time to do things properly. We put out fires every day. Most of those fires are generated by the important things we should have done along the way that we overlooked or ignored because there wasn’t time. By doing a SOG X-Ray you learn what you’ve missed. You can be more proactive about being more prepared.

Why should someone invest in this work? Well, you can’t just say that if we do this work, it will generate X additional dollars. You have to understand it’s a long-term investment that will make your business easier to run and will make the owner’s life much easier.”

Abe Funk

President, John's Pharmacy

I make business owners sit up and think ……


In this unique, two-day experience, you and your team will:

  • Discover what your top five challenges are for where you are today
  • Determine what the 5 non-negotiable rules of the road are as your company moves from one stage of growth to another
  • Uncover the confidence/caution ratio that exists in your company and how it may be affecting your ability to grow
  • Understand which leadership style will be most effective in leading your team today and into the future
  • Create a ‘language of growth’ guaranteed to help every person in your company better deal with growth trauma

The Stages of Growth X-Ray Workshop

This program is designed for business owners, with fewer than 500 employees, to look beneath the surface of your companies challenges and walk away with 5 initiatives that will kick-start your profit engine, ignite your employee’s productivity and improve your company’s overall performance.

Contact Laurie and let’s get you tuned into new revelations about your business and help you begin to understand why understanding the 7 Stages of Growth are key to the success of your business.


I have Growth Curve Specialists ready to help your company create the alignment, engagement and implemention tactics you need to succeed.


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