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Take a few minutes to watch this short video to uncover the secrets to mastering your ability to manage the chaos that comes with growth …

  • Utilize a 5-step performance management approach
  • Improve the dialogue between manager and staff
  • Learn the 4-step approach to effective delegation
  • Uncover the top challenges you need to address today

Move from CEO-Centric to Enterprise-Centric!

As a business owner who took a start-up to over 120 employees and $12 million in sales,

I remember desperately looking for answers as we dealt with the challenges that come with growing a successful business.

We were a small business, not a corporation, so while I valued reading Jim Collins’ book, Good to Great, and appreciated Jack Welch’s book Straight from the Gut, they weren’t talking about my world! 

If you have 20 – 34 employees, you have just moved from CEO-centric to Enterprise-Centric. The reality is your company is no longer centered around you. There are too many people for you to continue to make all the decisions, to manage all the sales, track all the projects or hire all the staff. And by reading my third book in the 7 Stages of Growth series, you’ll learn exactly why.

You’ll have a research-based understanding of the right things to focus on today, have the ability to predict what’s coming as you add more people, and adapt your leadership skills to what your company needs from you specifically as the company grows.

By reading The Art of Delegation, you’ll discover:

  • Why this stage of growth is called Delegation ….
  • Why the top gate of focus is People ….
  • Why your top leadership style is Coaching ….

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Stage 3 is a pivotal turning point in a company’s ability to grow beyond the skills and knowledge of the founder. As the CEO, you have to start looking to delegate more responsibility and authority to key people in order to ‘let go to let it grow’. Your job is to help them gain the confidence those employees need to step up to their new and expanded roles.

You’ll find solutions to the five top challenges for Stage 3:

  1. The need to have better staff buy-in
  2. Leadership/Staff communication gap
  3. Need for an improved profit design
  4. Unclear values throughout the organization
  5. Company culture is generally resistant to change

And more importantly, you’ll discover a formula for growth that has helped hundreds of CEOs proactively manage the chaos that comes with growing a business.

As hard as it is for founders to step aside from the work that has taken their company where it is, the rewards of releasing tasks and responsibilities to others who have different ideas and experience are immediate.

The Art of Delegation is full of helpful tips and tactics on how to:

  •  Determine the why, what and how of effective delegation
  • Tap into the intelligence of your organization to improve your bottom line
  • Understand what makes your employees ‘tick’ by asking critical questions
  • Develop your own ‘secret sauce’ for employee engagement
  • Encourage and be intentional about getting staff buy-in throughout the organization

Don’t wait! Order your copy of The Art of Delegation: How to Effectively Let Go to Grow with 20 – 34 Employees Today and start proactively managing your growth!

I’m Laurie Taylor, author, speaker and trainer. I love helping business owners manage the chaos of growing their business. My book series on the 7 Stages of Growth are based on my own experiences and the critical concepts that are unique to the 7 Stages of Growth. This is my husband Dave and I in Sydney, Australia where one of my Growth Curve Specialists is bringing the 7 Stages of Growth to all the beautiful people ‘down under’!

Read what other CEOs are saying about the value of understanding the impact of the 7 Stages of Growth.

“Nowhere have I ever found an incisive, insightful analytical tool like that offered by the 7 Stages of Growth. It makes charting a company’s growth as easy as painting by numbers.”

David Zucker

CEO, Zocalo Community Development

“The Stages of Growth training validated and gave us a language to issues we were all feeling and helped us recognize that there were issues we weren’t aware of that we needed to pay attention to.”

Scott Contival

Executive Director, YWAM, Taipei, Taiwan

“As a fast-growing company, we struggled to keep our focus on areas that were critical for growing successfully. By working with the Stages of Growth, we discovered what our current operational environment really is, identified critical path objectives and developed a strategic set of initiatives that will become our roadmap for our future.”

Jeff Bay

Managing Director, HayMax Hotels

Stage 3 is all about ‘letting go to let it grow’. You have 20-34 employees and learning how to delegate to capable people is your biggest challenge.

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