Hank Epstein

Location: Missouri

hank @yourleadershiplifeline.com
Phone: 314-795-0796

Hank Epstein’s approach to leadership coaching stands apart from the rest. Hank integrates the latest leadership and neuroscience research with time tested coaching tools and practices to help leaders refresh their approach and perspective.

His focus on building the capacity and sustainability of the enterprise while coaching and developing leaders is a win-win-win. Hank challenges and coaches his clients to keep learning, to keep improving, and to keep growing their business.

A visionary, a sought-after people developer, and a master problem solver, Hank hones his coach approach to provide customized navigation through your growing pains while improving business outcomes and metrics. He is especially committed to helping Stage 3-5 organizations develop a coaching culture.

No matter which stage of growth your organization is in, Hank would love to talk with you. He is committed to adding value regardless of whether you decide to embark on a Stages of Growth initiative or not. A short conversation with Hank can produce a useful insight or a shift in mindset that generates new possibilities for action so please don’t be reluctant to reach out.

You can reach Hank at:
hank @yourleadershiplifeline.com
Phone: 314-795-0796

Or schedule a meeting with him at:

Here are a few examples of how Hank’s clients describe the experience of working with him:

It’s nice to have you in my corner- I trust your ability to help me build my skills and your confidence in me to grow into the leader I aspire to be…so we can improve lives.

Executive Director, Agency Providing Residential Services for the Developmentally Disabled

I would like to share my enthusiasm for the results of our Level 10 continuous improvement program. It’s very easy for businesses to accept the status quo and assume that the way things have always been done is acceptable. We now recognize that no improvement is too small, nor is any process safe from scrutiny. My employees actively work together to solve problems and improve our business model. The results have been electrifying for our organization!

President, Regional Construction Company

As part of a strategic planning exercise, Hank brought us a new and unique model for assessing the organization and converting that assessment into actionable initiatives. The team was grateful for the straight-forward approach and for a plan that encompassed their input & produced buy-in for plan implementation. It’s not just a beautiful binder that will sit on the shelf.

CEO, Agency Providing Employment Opportunities & Support for the Developmentally Disabled

Hank’s approach to team coaching stands apart from other experiences. He once coached a senior leadership team I was on which was going through substantial change – 4 GMs in 14 months and the threat of acquisition. We were mired in what separated us. In fact, he labeled us “the most dysfunctional team I’ve seen in 35 years”. This is an example of Coach Hank’s candor which is simultaneously jarring and revealing. He delivers these messages with kindness and sincerity of intent. Hank coached us through our differences and allowed us to see how we could focus on common ground to grow the business and demonstrate consistency to the rest of the workforce to reduce turnover and become more profitable. What started out as a leadership development exercise quickly became a way to save the business.

COO, Engineering Company Providing Design & Project Management Services for the Utility Industry

To customize an approach to navigating through your growing pains.