Liz Parker founded LT Consultants Inc. in 1999 in Hong Kong.  She is a seasoned strategic planning and team alignment facilitator and executive performance coach based in Greenville, SC.

Liz’s certifications are:

  • Certified Behavioral and Motivators Analyst for DISC behaviors, motivators, TriMetrix HD through TTI Success Insights.
  • Growth Curve Strategist for the 7 Stages of Entrepreneurial growth through Flashpoint!
  • Inside Out Coaching

She has worked with multi-national organizations in worldwide leadership development, cross-functional team dynamics, strategic planning and coaching across Asia-Pacific, Australia, Europe and the UK, the Middle East, South America, and the U.S.

Liz relies on her honesty and integrity to address sensitive issues that others are afraid to discuss.  She helps leaders at all levels and across all industries become more self-aware to uncover the hidden potential in themselves and their businesses.